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VACUUM MEAT AGITATOR Mod. AVT-50 |100 | 150 | 300

Allows to achieve a homogeneous agitation of meat and ingredients on the phase of the mixing and the extraction of proteins in the phase of the agitation process to get a homogeneousglueing of the sausage mass. Application of vacuum in the process allows you to get a high density of mass, conservation of odor and taste of the mixture. Removing the intermolecular air during the process reduces oxidation of the product and increases the portability of mass improving its colour and the final look.

-Agitating blade, "T" type.
-Rotation in two directions.
-Manual dump container with security blocking.
-Removable dividing blades.
-Methacrylate lid with security system
-Transmission via geared engine.
-Control panel with buttons.