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WASHING TUNNEL Mod. LAVAMATIC LP-50 | 70 | 90 | 110

Washing tunnel Mod. LAVAMATIC LP-50
For vigorous pre-washing, washing and rinsing of plastic trays and pallets, moulds and utensils in order to to meet the higher requirements for washing quality. Pulverizers of exclusive design ensure proper washing and distribution of water in fantail form, creating a higher pressure for the correct pulverization of water. Is designed for small and medium-sized productiones

-Lattice conveyor belt made of inox. steel.
-Belt speed is adjustable.
-Rotating self-cleaning filter for washing water.
-Use of rinsing water for pre-washing
-Plate filter for washing water
-Automatic regulation of water temperature.
-Indirect heating via steam auger.
-Dosing pump of detergent.
-Rinsing using runnung water
-Steam extraction system.
-Control panel with programmable microprocessor and touch screen